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When considering Kambo treatment, be aware of the following health conditions and scenarios where Kambo may not be advisable or requires special consideration:




Individuals with aneurisms are advised against Kambo treatments.


Active Ulcers:

The presence of active ulcers can be exacerbated by Kambo.

Alcohol Dependency:


Those with a history of alcohol dependency should avoid Kambo.


Addison’s Disease:


Kambo is contraindicated for individuals with Addison's Disease.


Brain Issues:


Any condition related to the brain is a contraindication.

Blood Clots:


Individuals with blood clots should not participate in Kambo sessions.


Chemotherapy or Chemo Drugs:


A waiting period of 6 weeks both before and after treatment is mandatory.


Drug Dependency:


This includes dependencies on all opioids and benzodiazepines.


Gastric Sleeve or Band:


Individuals with these conditions should avoid Kambo.


Heart Issues:


Any cardiac-related health conditions are a contraindication.


Organ Transplant:


Kambo is not advised for those with organ transplants.




Only advanced practitioners should treat individuals with PTSD.


Mental Health Disorders:


This includes bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorders, psychosis, and personality disorders. Full psychiatric history should be disclosed.


Medicated Low Blood Pressure:


Individuals should consult their healthcare provider.

Recent Surgeries:


A minimum of 8 weeks post-surgery is required before considering Kambo.



Individuals who have had a stroke are advised against Kambo.




Kambo is not recommended during pregnancy.


Pancreatic Issues:


Individuals with pancreatic issues should avoid Kambo.




If under 6 months postpartum, Kambo is contraindicated.


Recent Childbirth:


A waiting period of 21 days postpartum is required.


Under 18 Years of Age:


Kambo is not advised for minors.




Severity-dependent; inhalers must be brought to the session.




Diabetics must bring insulin, testing strips, and food.


Recent Bufo Usage:


A waiting period of 8 weeks is required.


COVID Vaccination:


A minimum of 6 weeks post-vaccination is required.




Inform the hosts if on antidepressants, as these are often contraindicated.




Complete the course before undergoing Kambo treatment.

It's essential for individuals considering Kambo treatment to consult with a qualified practitioner and provide a complete medical history to ensure the safety and appropriateness of the treatment.

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