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To secure your spot in our courses, please ensure that the following form is completed. Failure to do so prior to the course start date will result in a refund being issued. Additionally, all initiates must have undergone at least one Kambo session before commencing their training. we also hold the right to refuse admission to the course if we feel your medical conditions are severe.


I understand that KPA practitioners are not medical doctors, nor any other form of the medical practitioner.

I understand that KPA practitioners do not diagnose disease, offer health advice, treat physical or mental health issues, or prescribe medicine or pharmaceuticals.

I understand that any complementary therapy treatment which I receive is not a substitute for a medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment by a qualified medical practitioner.

I understand that it is recommended that I see such a practitioner for any physical or psychological problem I have now or in the future.

I further confirm that all the details provided are true and accurate.

I understand that everyone’s Kambo experience is different and that although Kambo has created outstanding results for other people Lewis Powell and the KPA cannot guarantee any results. I understand that Kambo fertility success rates differ from person to person and that it may not work for me.

I hereby release Lewis Powell and the KPA from all liability resulting from the use of equipment, materials, preparations, remedies, or treatments and assume full responsibility for all risks regarding this treatment.

No refunds will be given when a cancellation is less than 48hrs before, only under exceptional circumstances will a credit note be given.


1: We reserve the right to refuse our services to anyone without explanation

2: If a client has any contraindication, we reserve the right to not work with them.

3: If a session/course is canceled less than 48hrs before the session, no refund will be given unless under extreme services, no refunds will be given at all only a credit note under exceptional circumstances

4: We expect all clients to agree to our disclaimer before we work with them.

5: Lewis Powell and The KPA are not accountable for any results or effects you may or may not get through Kambo and our Kambo sessions.

6. Any cancellations before 48hrs will receive a 50% refund or a credit note for the value of the treatment


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