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Welcome to the Kambo Practitioner Alliance, where the ancient wisdom of the Amazon meets the modern world. The KPA is a collective of passionate and qualified Kambo practitioners from around the globe, united in our mission to share this powerful healing practice in a safe, ethical, and deeply respectful manner.

The Essence of Kambo: Nature's Potent Healer

At the core of our practice is Kambo, a sacred secretion from the Phylomedusa Bicolour frog, residing in the lush Amazon rainforest. This natural medicine, steeped in centuries of tribal wisdom, is known for its remarkable healing properties. Ethically harvested in harmony with the environment, Kambo is revered for its ability to cleanse, rejuvenate, and restore balance. It has shown profound efficacy in addressing a wide spectrum of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments, ranging from chronic pain and immune disorders to anxiety, depression, and beyond.

Our Roots: A Journey of Dedication and Discovery

KPA's story is intertwined with the visionary journey of our founder, Lewis Powell, a Master Kambo Practitioner since 2014. Lewis's profound connection with the Amazonian indigenous cultures and his extensive experience in Kambo practice have been instrumental in shaping our alliance. With a deep reverence for this ancient wisdom, KPA has evolved into a sanctuary of healing, touching the lives of thousands and empowering practitioners across the world with this sacred medicine.

Our Mission: Empowering Through Education and Practice

Central to our ethos is the comprehensive KPA Practitioner Training program. This unique course, meticulously crafted and led by Lewis Powell, is a fusion of traditional knowledge and modern methodologies. It's designed to empower aspiring practitioners with the skills, knowledge, and sensitivity needed to practice Kambo responsibly and effectively. Our training is a transformative experience, offering personal growth and professional mastery in equal measure.

Global Impact: Bridging Cultures, Healing Communities

KPA is more than an alliance; it's a movement. We're committed to spreading awareness about Kambo's healing potential while respecting and preserving the cultural heritage from which it originates. Our community extends across continents, encompassing diverse cultures and backgrounds, all united by a common goal: to bring healing and transformation through Kambo.

Join Us in Our Quest for Holistic Well-being

Whether you're seeking healing, knowledge, or a path to becoming a practitioner, the Kambo Practitioner Alliance welcomes you. We invite you to explore the profound benefits of Kambo and join us in our journey towards health, harmony, and spiritual growth. Together, let's embrace this ancient tradition and unlock the doors to a balanced and healthier life.

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