Healing The Mind, Body & Spirit

With Kambo

The KPA - Kambo Practitioner Alliance is a association of qualified Kambo practitioners, founded by Master Practitioner and Trainer Lewis Powell. We have come together to share this sacred practice in a safe and responsible way.

"Kambo is a “purgative” medicine meaning that it induces vomit or defecation to eliminate harmful substances and to aid the release of unprocessed energies. The purge can also come in the way of tears or other cathartic release.

Kambo helps to remove distortion within the energy field to enable a natural healing process to unfold.

Kambo has been shown to greatly improve quality of life and is also known to be the bearer of good luck, if you understand the nature of the laws of the cosmos or, karma or laws of attraction you can understand that with less negative energy within the being, the less negative situations you will attract into your life.

There is a very noticeable magic element to Kambo that is unquestionable and also unanswerable to modern science.

It is a beautiful gift from our Mother Earth to be able to have access and provide access to this incredibly powerful and beautiful frog medicine." Lewis Powell


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