Mapacho, otherwise known as Nicotiana Rustica, is a very sacred plant. A powerful teacher, healer and protector. This Mapacho comes straight from the Amazon forest and has been sun dried. It is up to 26 times stronger than tobacco bought commercially in the west.


Offering to the SpiritsTobacco or Mapacho is used by indigenous tribes as a sacred plant and as an offering to the spirit world. It is like a nourishing food for energy. For this reason, it is left as an offering to trees and plants, or placed on altars for ancestors and spirits. It helps to strengthen your prayers and intentions.

Cleansing and Protection.. In the same way that it strengthens spirits, it can strengthen energies of protection. It can help define and protect a sacred space by blowing tobacco smoke in a circle around the room before ceremony. Used on its own as a tea, mapacho is a powerful cleanser to help you purge illness and disease. Blowing the smoke (with out inhaling) along your body, chakras, and energetic field can be used as a powerful protector, attracting good spirits of protection.

Prayer and Intention. Tobacco is a very strong carrier of intention. It is used to make the energies of one's prayers stronger, and to carry the prayers to the spirit world upon its smoke.



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