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KPA Kambo Practitioner Training LIVERPOOL - APRIL 2024
  • KPA Kambo Practitioner Training LIVERPOOL - APRIL 2024


    Would you like to become a fully certified Kambo Practitioner?
    Learn with KPA founder and Master Practitioner Lewis Powell.
    The next KPA Trainings are:

    Oct 2nd - 13th 2023- Liverpool, UK

    Nov 13th -24th 2023- Gdansk. Poland ***All inclusive with food and accommodation

    Feb 19th - Ist March 2024 - Belfast. NL

    March 2024 - Advanced Practitioner training_- Belfast. NI

    April 8th - 19th 2024 - Liverpool, UK

    June 2024 - Canada

    Join us for an extraordinary journey of transformation and empowerment as we announce the KPA Practitioner Training Dates for 2023/24! This comprehensive training programme is designed to provide you with the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to become a skilled Kambo Practitioner. Led by the esteemed Master Practitioner Lewis Powell. who has honed his expertise by guiding hundreds of new practitioners worldwide. including countries such as the USA, Canada, ireland, UK, Poianci, Australia, Sri Lanka, and more. this course offers a unique opporiunity for personal and professional growth. Throughout the training. you will embark on a profound personal transformation. gaining a deep understanding of the fundamental principles and safety protocols associated with Kambo. As part of your training. you will also undergo an initiation ceremony. further connecting you to this life changing medicine.


    To ensure an intimate learning environment. limited places are available. and each prospective student must fill out an application. The application process includes sharing a short bio. describing your connection with the medicine, and explaining your motivations for becoming a practitioner. It's important to note that prior experience with Kambo is necessary. as you will receive treatments throughout the training. Don't miss this chance to embark on a transformative journey and become a strong holder of this powerful healing tool.


    Secure your place in the KPA Practitioner Training today!

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