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Feeling the call to become a Kambo Practitioner?

Would you like to become a fully certified Kambo Practitioner? Learn with KPA founder and Master Practitioner Lewis Powell.

The next KPA Trainings are;

Oct 2nd - 13th 2023- Liverpool, UK

*Nov 13th -24th 2023- Gdańsk, Poland 🇵🇱 ***All inclusive with food and accommodation*

Feb 19th - 1st March 2024 - Belfast, NI 

March 2024 - Advanced Practitioner training - Belfast, NI 

April 8th - 19th 2024 - Liverpool, UK

June 2024 - Canada 🇨🇦 #

The training programme consists of practical and theoretical training sessions including an initiation ceremony, You will be taught by Master Practitioner Lewis Powell who has taught 100’s of new practitioners around the globe in countries such as; USA, CANADA, IRELAND, UK, POLAND, AUSTRALIA, SRI LANKA + more. This course has been carefully designed to enable students to not only understand the essential fundamentals and safeties of becoming a Kambo Practitioner, but also requires you to undergo a profound personal transformation so that you can be a strong holder of this incredibly life changing tool.Due to limited places each student must fill out an application to assess eligibility that includes a short bio, your connection with the medicine and reasons for wanting to become a practitioner.Please note that It is necessary to have some experience already with Kambo as you will be receiving treatments throughout your training.

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There are 13 modules to complete during the training, that cover;

Facts and myths
 about Kambo

Basic Science

Holding Space

Spirit of Kambo


Burning & Mixing

First Aid

Managing Energy​


Kambo Songs

Modern Uses

Traditional Uses


Routes of

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Is This For You?


To hold this sacred medicine, it would be required from you;


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Sally Farragher

"Huge Gratitude for my amazing teacher and friend Lewis Powell, his knowledge & integrity with Kambo is truly profound and he makes it so easy to learn, this course has been life changing! Thank you!"

Donna Stephenson.webp

Donna Stephenson

"I did my Kambo training with Lewis and I can't recommend it enough. He's very approachable and such a down to earth guy. The training was broken down into bite size pieces so the learning could be learnt over time and absorbed & I did not feel rushed to know everything at once. Fab teacher who is extremely knowledgeable.

Thank you Lewis!"


Reece Donlan

"I honestly cannot put into words, just how incredibly life changing this experience has been!! Lewis Powell has been absolutely amazing. I could not have asked for a better teacher. I am feeling so grateful to have had this opportunity and to work with this beautiful medicine. Thank you brother."

Kelly Baxter.jpeg

Kelly Baxter

"Training to be a kambo practitioner with Lewis has been an amazing journey. I underestimated just how powerful it could be with a huge personal transformation as well as the indepth Training. He created such a beautiful, safe space for me and the other practitioners, to grow and develop our kambo skills, which has given me the confidence to share this beautiful medicine with others. A truly demanding, yet, life changing course, and its a honour to be part of the KPA family"

Toni Murcroft.webp

Toni Muircroft

"What a fantastic journey my kambo training with Lewis was, a truly profound experience! Lewis is very knowledeable and his delivery of teachings in how to safely work with the medicine, along with continued after support and guidance have been very much appreciated. Thank you Lewis"

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