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KPA Kambo Practitioner Training - LIVERPOOL 2024
  • KPA Kambo Practitioner Training - LIVERPOOL 2024

    1 500,00£Cena

    The KPA Kambo Practitioner Training Courses are held over a  12 day Period with 10 essential, full days of training. 


    During the course students  learn; 
    The fundamentals of how to administer Kambo Safely,
    The inner workings of the Kambo process and integration.
    Kambo Facts and History.
    Science 🧬 
    Holding space + Boundaries.
    KPA code of practice. 
    Working with hapey and Sananga 
    Spiritual awareness 
    + more


    Students also receive treatments as part of their  initiation and will practice serving others before completing the programme. 


    Students are trained to an exceptionally high standard and upon completion will become a qualified KPA Practitioner and member. KPA Practitioners receive 24/7 support from our experienced community, that includes health professionals within the medical field. 


    The courses are all held in person in small groups to ensure that the utmost care is given to each student.  The course is carefully designed to provide the best possible experience to students and ensures that students fully understand the importance of safety. 


    With the primary emphasis of safety, integrity and professional conduct as a practitioner, the KPA is proving time and time again that it is leading the way in producing the highest standard of excellence within the holistic healing field. 


    With the rising popularity of Kambo, KPA practitioners are increasingly becoming known to be leading the way as reputable professionals in the world of Kambo.

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