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Ethically Sourced Healing: Our Partnership with the Matsés Tribe

At The Kambo Practitioner Alliancew, we're deeply committed to preserving the integrity and sustainability of ancient healing traditions. Our partnership with the Matsés tribe in the heart of the Amazon is a testament to this commitment, especially in how we ethically source Kambo medicine and other ceremonial materials.

The Heart of the Amazon: Our Journey Begins

Nestled in the lush, verdant expanses of the Amazon rainforest, the Matsés tribe has lived in harmony with nature for centuries. Guardians of ancient wisdom, the Matsés people possess unparalleled knowledge of medicinal plants and ceremonies that have supported their community’s health and well-being for generations.

A Partnership Built on Respect and Sustainability

In collaboration with the Matsés tribe and organizations like Acaté Amazon Conservation (more information here), we ensure that every step in the sourcing process respects both the land and its people. This partnership is built on:

Respect for Tradition: Acknowledging and honoring the sacred traditions and knowledge of the Matsés people.

Sustainable Sourcing: Implementing practices that ensure the long-term sustainability of medicinal plants and ceremonial materials.

Fair Compensation: Ensuring the Matsés tribe receives fair compensation, supporting the tribe's economy and way of life.

Kambo: The Healing Frog Medicine

Kambo is a powerful medicine sourced from the secretions of the Phyllomedusa bicolor frog, native to the Amazon. Used in traditional healing ceremonies, Kambo is believed to cleanse the body and mind. Our sourcing process for Kambo is as follows:

Ethical Harvesting: The Matsés warriors skillfully and respectfully harvest the Kambo in a way that the frogs are not harmed, maintaining the population's health and stability.

Quality Assurance: Each batch of Kambo is carefully prepared by the Matsés, ensuring its purity and potency.

Direct Support: By purchasing directly from the Matsés, we support their community, ensuring they can continue their traditional way of life and conservation efforts.

Join Us in Supporting Ethical Practices

We invite you to be part of this meaningful journey. By choosing the KPA (Kambo Practitioner Alliance , you're not just purchasing a product; you're supporting a model of ethical sourcing that respects the earth and its people. Together, we can make a difference.

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