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All About Kambo

 “Kambô circulates in the heart. When we take Kambô, it makes the heart move accurately so that things flow, bringing good things to the person. It’s as if there was a cloud on the person, preventing the good things to come; then, when they take the Kambô, it becomes a green light which opens the way, making things easier.” – Kaxinawá Kambô shaman

 Kambo is known by the Caboclo people as  “the vaccine of the forest” and is thought to be one of the most powerful, natural antibiotics and the world.  Many people who take Kambo describe a dramatic increase in wellbeing, general health, drive, focus and increased immunity. There have been thousands of cases of people that have reported how Kambo has "lifted" mental health issues such as; Depression, Stress, Anxiety + more


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